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Rebel Salute 2015: An Anthology Part One

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The first female to hit the stage was Jah 9 and she brought life to the stage with a well organized set, which was on point in all her songs. She song with a passion when she reeled off songs like ‘New Name’, ‘Avocado’, ‘Preacher Man’, she topped off her set with a acoustic version of ‘Brothers’ off of the popular Honey Pot riddim produced by the German based Silly Walks Discotheque.


Bookman speaks on the revival

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The Reggae Revival maintains its uncanny feature to stimulate conversation. The truth of it is that some people will disagree with the idea and some people will agree.


Randy Valentine’s Triumphant Return

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Leaving his home in Clarendon, Jamaica, and migrating to UK at a young age, Randy Valentine’s is a story of a long awaited and triumphant return to the island of his birth.


Magnum Follow Ur Sound

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In the year’s 2nd edition of the Magnum Follow Ur Sound series, patrons were treated to a number of well contested (if not entertaining) clashes between sound systems and special guest selectors.


Major Lazer Kingston Jamaica

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It would be hard to review such an event without first providing some level of context. In essence explaining why such a huge traveling act such as Major Lazer would make it a point of duty to embark on a yearly pilgrimage to the Caribbean and more specifically the island of Jamaica.


BAY 19 Music Review King Biggs

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BACKAYARD always seek to give all artistes featured a voice and thus sometimes they themselves like to use their own words to describe the process of recording an EP/album.

Dangerously Roots

BAY 19 Music Review: Duane Stephenson

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As a 80s baby, I have been fortunate to be a part of the shift in the way that music is “physically’ distributed and consumed.


The playlist: reggae – Wayne Smith, Super Cat and Shabba Ranks

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Jamaican novelist Marlon James picking five songs to soundtrack his new book, A Brief History of Seven Killings