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Max Romero


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‘Vibes and Pressure’ is the philosophy and theory, and from this comes the movement. A collective conscious that recognises the need to be in tune with positive vibes. (Natty , Founder)  


Jeffery Campbell as Agent Sasco

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As fickle an industry as it gets, the Jamaican music business is not known to laud longevity. Many, outside of circle, look on it as negative especially within the dancehall sphere if an artiste or a group of artistes has a career longer than ten years. This is opposed to reggae as it is understood that these acts can have a career for as long as they wish.


MY Name is GiRL

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There is a popular saying that goes ‘98% of all statistics are made up’. Which I find to be perfectly true as I myself like to purport a claim that 3 out of every 7 adult Jamaican male is somehow involved the music industry. Ridiculous statement I know, but with maybe just a touch of validity to it. For since rise of the internet and the subsequent technological advancements to support its almost limitless potential


From Slangs to Songs: Chi Ching Ching

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“ChiChing Ching is not an artist yuh nuh, ChiChing is an entertainer. Toast mi toast riddim, listen to mi song dem.” ChiChing, today is one of dancehall’s most prominent entertainers. Rising on the scene as first a dancer rolling out a red carpet, this charismatic and infectious persona has been steadily creating wave after wave of wholesome authentic dancehall culture.


Reggae Offspring: Giark

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In order to build a lasting empire, one first would need to successfully build on what existed before them. That truth exists whether the empire is in business, politics or even in music. For isn’t that often the ultimate hope for many parents, for their sons or daughters to carry on the family traditions or at least maintain their level of social standing.


Mixtape Culture Part Two

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In what you might think is a forgotten side of the Jamaican music industry, there are still individuals who work day and night to ensure that new dancehall and reggae is delivered to where people can appreciate it the most, the streets.


Jamaica on the World Stage- Glastonbury

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In a continuation of the Jamaica on the World Stage – Coachella article, where we, with the help of live audio engineer Gregory Morris, delved into life on the road with Protoje and his Indiggnation band.


Runkus Moves In, permanently

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“God is music, and we are just songs that he is singing.” Of the growing contingent of young Jamaican artistes with a fresh sound, Runkus is perhaps the most poised at the time we are doing this interview. His most recent EP “Move In” was released to warm receipt, even now its popularity grows.