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Jamaica on the World Stage- Glastonbury

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In a continuation of the Jamaica on the World Stage – Coachella article, where we, with the help of live audio engineer Gregory Morris, delved into life on the road with Protoje and his Indiggnation band.


Runkus Moves In, permanently

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“God is music, and we are just songs that he is singing.” Of the growing contingent of young Jamaican artistes with a fresh sound, Runkus is perhaps the most poised at the time we are doing this interview. His most recent EP “Move In” was released to warm receipt, even now its popularity grows.


Soca Music and JA

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The soca scene in Jamaica is undergoing a renaissance. There have always been die-hard soca and carnival fans here, but the genre is slowly feeling more accessible and appealing to a wider range of Jamaicans.  More fetes are popping up monthly and the patronage is growing right along with them.  Most things in life are cyclical and one could argue that the resurgence of interest in the soca scene holds true to that.


Jamaica on the World Stage- Coachella

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  There is an interesting sea-change of thought that is currently occurring within the populace of the Jamaican youth. What was seen as the only way to get heard by the masses, the thumping bass and raspy adlibs of dancehall, is now slowly but surely been replaced by the melodic phrases and soothing sounds of roots reggae.

Cassette Jones Throwback

Mixtape Culture Part One

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The mixtape is often overlooked as a critical part of the Jamaican music industry. How else would the people hear what is new and hot outside of attending street sessions, live stage shows or night clubs? How else would you relive the memories of a particular dub from the night before?


Getting to know… Jo Mersa Marley

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Intimate conversation with Jo Mersa Marley about his life, music and love for Jamaica the land of his birth. Get ready to learn about next generation of Marley

Royalty Free Side B (Front Cover)


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What a year 1981 was. Jamaica was struggling to heal its wounds from the previous years bloodiest and most volatile elections the island had ever experienced. The wounds were painfully reopened when it lost one of its most beloved sons – Robert Nesta Marley on May 11, 1981, aged just 36.

Red bull


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“The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom” (Bird Johnson) After a brief hiatus, Red Bull Culture Clash returned to the stage in the now familiar 4-4-1 format: 4 stages, 4 sounds, 1 winner in London’s state of the art O2 Arena. The event which has been dubbed by the Guardian newspaper as: “the most exciting music on the planet”