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The Rising of a Legend- Chronology Tour Feature

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By CAOS  “ I am a legend that you never heard of before                  I said I am a lion but you never heard me roar


Caribbean Love Now: A Charity Concert with a Difference

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“Caribbean Love Now” was formed as an integrated relief campaign to help with donation of resources and funds.


What You Need to Know About Natel

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Once or twice in a lifetime a young singer comes around who reminds you of one of your favourite singers, but at the same time capture your heart and warms your soul. Meet Natel,


Sweet Reggae Vibes from Twiggi

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Twiggi is one of the most talented female singer in the entertainment industry. Her songwriting skills and her soulful smooth voice enabled her to obtain an international recognition, in particular in Japan, Africa and Europe.

Kingston, Jamaica - June 26, 2008: Crowd enjoying reggae/dancehall music and dancing at ghetto street party, called "Passa Passa", Tivoli Gardens.

Where it all began… Men’s Street, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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BY COAS…. In the streets of Jamaica, the first rule, is to always watch your back, no matter what. It is what a man is taught from an early age in our society. Also, you not only play the expected role of leader

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Made in Jamaica Ep 7: Tony The Jamaican Sound System Builder

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Watch Tony Myers, co founder of the Jamaica Sound System Federation, join the Made The Jamaica crew to talk about his history with sound system culture in Jamaica.

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Slashe’s journey

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Still on the journey towards greatness, the Jamaican artist known as SLASHE has been actively blazing a trail in the field of music.


Ruffi ready for the road

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Dancehall artist Ruffi imitates life through his music. His latest single “Life” is about facing hardship but persevering no matter what. Reaching for the top, Ruffi aims to become one of the greats despite recent tragedy.