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For The Culture: A Look Back to The Future

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Culture has been a topic of heated discussion perhaps since the dawn of time, but over the last decade or so the debate has bubbled to a boil. This, among other reasons, makes it an adequate title for what has become an annual tradition of one of Kingston’s most anticipated live shows of the year.


The Business of Sampling vs Artiste Features

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Making good music has always been about economics. Before the creation of record labels and the like, the process was a far simpler one. Perform a song that resonates with a certain crowd and you will receive payment for your troubles.


Reintroducing Lymie Murray

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Recognized as possessing one of the sweetest voices in Roots Reggae music, Lymie Murray has built up quite the catalog over the years. However, not much is known about how his more than two-decades-long, love affair with music got its start.


Jah9 Live 2017

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One of the most heartwarming things about this new generation of conscious musicians, is that though they enjoy a wider audience abroad, they have set foundations here  that stands as a kind of promise to us locals

K-R-E The King Promo Photos

K-R-E The King

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Born and raised in the beautiful secluded hills of Sanguinetti Clarendon, Garry Jones aka K.R.E (King Reformed Expression) is a Jamaican dancehall artiste. He has always had the strong desire to do ground breaking music, so from a very early he devoted himself to developing his musical skills.


The Jamaican Sound System Federation

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The 1950s brought about the creation of the sound system. The sound system allowed the public, many who did not yet own a radio, the ability to hear the new American R&B


New Music Alert – Skip Marley

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Skip Marley, the maternal grandson of the legendary Bob Marley, will through Island Records release his latest single “Lion” on February 3, 2017.


Top 10 Dennis Brown Songs

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There are many things in life could be considered happenstance however there are a select few occurrences that could be looked upon as truly something divine. Such as the fact that the man who is considered as the Crown Prince of Reggae: Dennis Emmanuel Brown