• Editors Note

    2009 ended unfortunately with several losses that shook the dancehall industry to the core. Revolutionary dancehall producer Steely from the famed group Steely & Clevie unfortunately met his sunset on September the 1st while Squingy of Bass Odyssey lost his battle with a terminal illness on the 24th of November. However while those men will continue to live on favourably in the memories of everybody within the dancehall community there was one loss which shocked the dancehall community and has the potential to destroy the career of an icon.

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    BACKAYARD is not exempt to this ‘recession,’ and as such, we are trying to find a way to cope and keep the dream alive. Not just our dream-- which is to see the righteous riddims of reggae music and the people behind it be represented unbiased and accurately - but the dreams and hopefulness of everyone that is a part of our movement and print social network.


  • Bragga - Dagga Dat

    Hail to all who have made it their mission to view this site, me and the rest of the deem team truly appreciate it. But one thing running an active website allows you it gives you the ability to comment on world issues on time and be current with your remarks. Unfortunately this is not one of those times, this time I chose to dig up something which was shelved from appearing in the magazine, my personal ode to one of my favourite daggering… ahmm excuse me… coupling songs: Dagga Dat by Bragga. Some of our older fans will recognize this style of taking a complete song in patois and “trying” to put it in standard English from our Weh Yuh Seh segment.