Dancehall Inspires Dimon Treajah

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The Artist Dimon Treajah aka Sadiki Powell was born September 13th in Kingston Jamaica. Dimon Treajah
was the second child for his mother and father and had a passion for music from a very young age. In
his younger years he lived in Seaview Gardens with his mother and grandmother and would perform at
neighborhood event. Dimon Treajah soon became known as the neighborhood’s youngest little singjay.
At the age of 10 Dimon Treajah moved to Portmore to live with aunt after the sudden passing of his
mother. It was there in Portmore he got the name Dimon Treajah by some local friends because they
would say his voice was so pure and sweet. After several years living in Portmore Dimon Treajah
migrated to the United States at the age of 15. During his time in New York Dimon Treajah attended high
school and continued pursuing his music. Music was always important to Dimon Treajah and he was
ready to turn his dream into a reality, so in 2005 when he met his producer Buda Nureesh through a
mutual friend things seemed to finally be falling into place. Buda a local businessman in Queens NY
always had an interest in music but it was until he heard Dimon sing did he decided to make it a career.
Buda built a studio and bought studio equipment all because of this voice and this artist he believed in.
In 2005 Dimon Treajah signed on as Artist and part owner of Rizing Starz Records and released his first
single and video “I Can’t Believe my Eyes”. The video was even featured on Suzie Q’s Reggae Top Ten
Countdown for several weeks. During his time in New York Dimon made a name for himself as a local
Queen’s artist performing at events all over NY, including one of New York’s biggest annual reggae
concerts Irie Jamboree in 2008.

When a stage wasnt available to him he created his own by throwing
parties including his very popular yearly event “Rizing Starz Army Fatigue” party. Dimon Treajah fan
base reached more than just NY, Dimon Treajah as been booked for shows and performed in other
states as well such as Maine, Tennessee, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut. After many years of
pursuing his music in New York Dimon Treajah decided since Jamaica is the orgin for Reggae music then
thats were he needs to be to take his carreer to the next level. In early 2012 Dimon Treajah packed up
his studio and moved back to Jamaica more determined than ever. Today Dimon Treajah is back in
Portmore where it all started and just released his new song under Rizing Starz Records called “Gal Dem
We Love”. His song can be heard on rotation on Suncity Radio and Irie FM zip FM. He’s just finished
shooting the video for his single and recording on a lot of new productions. Armed with a great team,
his own studio and endless amount of talent Dimon Treajah is ready to make an impact on the
Dancehall scene of Jamaica.

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