“My Time Now” says Kyle Xpress

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“The time is now” said the 20 year old Jamaican born songwriter and performing artist Kyle Henry AKA Kyle Xpress, the son of the late Dathan Henry who served as a Chief Of Police in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Though at the age of 20, Kyle Xpress possesses the venom and versatility of a potential great in the industry in which he had and still is dedicating his utmost focus towards. 
When asked about what and who really motivated him to travel this creative path in life, the very confident but humble Kyle Xpress explained “To be honest I was influenced by the creativity of every different artist out there, the different genres of music, basically everything melodious pointed me in that direction but two persons really stood out and they are Shabba Ranks and Vybz kartel.  
He further went on to explain he was really fond of the lyrical contents and how they structured their work and the amount of didcation it took for them to make their mark in the history of Dancehall and Reggae. Kyle Xpress believes that the time feels right for him as a recording artist and the time is now to exercise that energy he had put into the studio laying down tracks after track with his team, continuing to put them out to the listeners and the fans his creativity had generated for him and his words to you are “stay tuned, the best is yet to come and just stay focus on whatever your dream in life is…. I am and it’s working so it’ll work for you to if your main focus is to remain focus”  
Kyle Xpress can be found on instagram :@kyle_xpress and Kyle Xpress on youtube

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