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Sevana: [noun] a state of mind, where only deep, intense, good vibes exist. e.g. “The singers’ music elevates fans to an intense state of Sevana.”
(lizzy brown)


It’s two days since Sevanas’ spectacular acoustic set at The O2 Islington in the appropriately named area Angel Central. And it really was Angel Central by the time the stunning vocalist graced the stage for her intimate, acoustic set presented to a venue full of adoring fans.


Accommodating up to 250 patrons, the floor of the O2 started to steadily fill up from around 8pm with some very stylishly attired patrons and the atmosphere began to feel like a real jazz club kind of vibe.


First up to perform at 8:30pm was Sevanas’ opening act up and coming British musician, Hannah Scott  . Hannah treated the audience to a selection of her acoustic pop songs from ‘The Space In Between’ EP

Hannah Scott

With her folksy guitar and melodious harmonies, Hannah and really did a great job with warming up the audience while Sevana prepared backstage.

By 9:30pm the fans were now anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sevana on stage – so what a surprise to see the legend himself  – David Rodigan emerge from the wings and step on stage to personally introduce the audience to the vocalist.

David Rodigan

Clad in his statement hat, trademark thick rimmed glances, Rodigan took hold of the mic and said:


“Many were called, but few have been chosen to witness what I think will be a very special night. I’ve been monitoring this lady from I first was introduced to her work by Protoje. And she’s come all the way from Jamaica to be part of the tour. But tonight is an acoustic set, for someone who I think, has a really unique talent. Please make her feel very warm and welcome here in London.

Ladies and gentlemen – it’s Sevana”


And what a warm welcome she received from her adoring audience as they clamoured to get closer to the stage and to the artiste herself as she stepped up moments after the glowing endorsement.


Dressed in sparkling four inch heels and a beautiful afro framing her face in a halo of curls, Sevana greeted her fans to the sounds of her acoustic guitarist playing the opening chords to ‘I l Love The Way’ :


                                                                    “Goodnight London…”

Sevana on stage


With a sound that is a delicious, heady cocktail of blues,reggae, jazz and r’n’b, Sevana had the audience intoxicated song after song from her much acclaimed self titled EP starting off with the aforementioned track.


We even got a dance lesson – yes – in THOSE shoes!


The set was over way before the audience was satisfied – they wanted more, for every song to be sang again and again.

Thankfully, to the delight of her fans, Sevana took the time out to go out and meet and greet those that came from far and wide to see the person behind the voice.

I feel honoured to have been the only photographer to be one of the ‘chosen few’ as Rodigan stated, to be given full access to what I believe, will be recorded as a historic first solo show for Sevana right here in London Town. Although lighting was abysmal to say the least, I quickly realised it’s just not possible to take a bad photo of this stunning girl.


Sevana, London has fallen in love with you and we remain broken hearted until you return and we wish you Jah guidance and protection on your onward journey.


And honestly, it has not stopped raining with grey skies since you left…


Catch Sevana next at tmrw.tday Culturefest  in Negril, Jamaica – Saturday, May 20th alongside Protoje and The InDiggNation Band. Her EP ‘Sevana’ is available on all platforms and streaming on Soundcloud. Keep up to date with the movements on all the socials and


Words and Photographs:  lizzy brown. / insta: @iameyeandi / / tumblr. dis yah reggae music



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