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Marley’s House of Payne

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In a time where the essential nature of the music industry is shifting evermore, like a Rubik’s cube being fashioned into a more and more complete version of itself, consumers of music are having to refocus their perceptions of it. The radio, which originally represented a hub for curated programming, has now become entirely dependent on advertising thereby warping the intended purpose.

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Have a little ‘Curtisay’

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Naturally talented, lyrically inclined, versatile, eccentric, and diverse are some of the words used to describe Curtis “Curtisay” Brown. It is quite often said that his vocals are of international standards this is in essence to his multi cultural diverse childhood.



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There was a young man from Trinidad who went to England on the celebrated Empire Windrush ship. He played steel pan and sang calypso. He helped build the creative counter-culture that put Liverpool 8 on the post-World War 2 art map. He was the first singer-songwriter the Beatles ever met. His name is rarely repeated though a legend in his own right. This is the story of the Black Beatle.


BACKAYARD Issue 22 First Look

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DESCRIPTION OF MAGAZINE BACKAYARD Magazine has been at the forefront of change, unconventionality and versatility in alternative print media since 2005. Born and bred in the diverse underbelly of Kingston (Jamaica), BACKAYARD has quickly become more than printed literature and more than a movement—BACKAYARD Magazine is a social network.


New Rules for Dancehall?

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It had to be providence for so many to gather at the car park of the Jamaica’s National Stadium this past Saturday. Just a few feet from where so many of the country’s greatest achievements have taken place, one of the most anticipated dancehall stage shows in recent times dubbed, ‘New Rules’.

Digital Sham

Digital Sham

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Multitalented Shamarie Bogle, better known as Digital  Sham is a producer, songwriter and artist. He was exposed to music from a young age when an uncle of his (who owned and operated a sound system) use to allow him to talk on the microphone.


For The Culture: A Look Back to The Future

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Culture has been a topic of heated discussion perhaps since the dawn of time, but over the last decade or so the debate has bubbled to a boil. This, among other reasons, makes it an adequate title for what has become an annual tradition of one of Kingston’s most anticipated live shows of the year.


The Business of Sampling vs Artiste Features

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Making good music has always been about economics. Before the creation of record labels and the like, the process was a far simpler one. Perform a song that resonates with a certain crowd and you will receive payment for your troubles.