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BACKAYARD Issue 23 First Look

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Outline for BACKAYARD Issue 23

BACKAYARD Magazine has been at the forefront of change, unconventionality
and versatility in alternative print media since 2005. Born and bred in the
diverse underbelly of Kingston (Jamaica), BACKAYARD has quickly become more
than printed literature and more than a movement—BACKAYARD Magazine is a
social network. The title, a throwback to a Jamaican patois term meaning
‘one’s roots’ or where one comes from, reflects that BACKAYARD is the only
diverse Jamaican reggae print publication. Every page in this diverse
lifestyle and culture magazine depicts “Life with Reggae” as real and it is
as unbiased as the people and places featured in it. The multi-cultural
faces, intuitive articles and photography throughout the magazine are all
made possible by our exclusive network and by our readers.

Projected segments for BAY Issue #23
Our first segment is the 1ne Drop segment where we place the latest relevant plugs and announcements from around the world of Jamaican/Caribbean culture.

The next segment is our Games, Gadgets & Gear section. Brand new tech and services are the focus of this page.

In the return of our Good And Natural Jamaican Agriculture G.A.N.J.A, we talk to Varun Baker & Yacob Grant the owners of GanjaGram , a Jamaican app which was created to improve visitors to island’s experiences and also educate about the laws of the land. We will look into the shift of thought in the United States about the herb and how that will impact Jamaican society moving forward.

In Early Access we look to profile upcoming song birds Lila ike and Yeza with a look into the career of 5 Star

For the BAY: FEATURES we profile Jesse Royal and Equiknoxx.

Studio Time is where we review the newest E.Ps, albums and singles. We also have our reggae & dancehall charts compiled by our music editor Philip Lobban (MusicPhill). This chart is a subsection of MusicPhill Reggae Show which can be heard on Roots FM on Wednesdays 5-6 pm.

Next our pages takes us to WWW? Where When Who which is our social pictorial segment. We will have photosets from Reggae Sumfest 2017 and Jamaica House 2017 in London at the World Championships

And our final page is our PATOIS 876: How To Speak Jamaican. This is where we try to educate the uneducated about the colourful slangs and phrases that make up the Jamaican creole language.

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