Kingston, Jamaica - June 26, 2008: Crowd enjoying reggae/dancehall music and dancing at ghetto street party, called "Passa Passa", Tivoli Gardens.

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In the streets of Jamaica, the first rule, is to always watch your back, no matter what. It is what a man is taught from an early age in our society. Also, you not only play the expected role of leader but also someone who does not show fear, “men don’t cry” is what is drilled in your psyche as early as you can understand words. Our Jamaican history goes a few centuries back, and from then I believe defiance was always our everyday life. This is especially evident in the Street Fashion & Lifestyle scene in Jamaica.
Look at it this way, the idea that a man should be dressed a particular way and only wear particular things has always been the anthem of Men’s Street Style in Jamaica for many years. Don’t get me wrong, tradition is important to one’s national identity, but when you think about where fashion is coming from, and where it is going, it is all about confidence in oneself and their ability wear true art. When you really think about it, that’s what the true essence of street style and culture is… Art. Self expression in not only style but lifestyle is at the forefront of the fashion & lifestyle industry all around the Caribbean and on the International Scene now.

Let’s not forget the important and major effect  that music had and continues to have on the fashion industry today. We are known for our street dances and parties that can happen everyday of the week if you’re not careful. What celebrity dancehall artistes wore were always the go to for style trends  within street style. This is especially evident now that more dancehall and reggae artiste are starting their own apparel, shoes and accessories lines

Alkaline – Vendetta Apparel Line
Popcaan – Unruly Apparel Line
Busy Signal – Turf Gear T-shirts
Chronixx – Signed to Adidas in 2017
We all know that the fashion industry now is one of that reinvents itself very quickly. We are seeing more personal style being added to men’s wardrobes everyday. They are starting to care more about how they look, and not only how they feel, or don’t feel. As Yves St. Laurent states; “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”. This is evident more now, than ever before with regards to the Men’s Fashion, Style and even Lifestyle choices today. The street stylish man is now adding a more fashion forward touch to his closets and is slowly embracing more what comes with International Style and Lifestyle. The fashionable, street and stylish men in the are now embracing more of themselves as opposed to what tradition expects.

The evolution of society, politics, religion, music ,art and even business also brought with it a change in Men’s Street Style & Lifestyle. What always remains constant though is that when you go out, if you not ‘ballin” and “flasking” which basically means spending lots of money on top shelf liquor, you are not considered to be apart of the “in” crowd. This of course goes back to socialization and cultural habits. Despite this. however, men are now turning to bold coloured tops, jeans, shoes, jackets and even socks more now. This, I am especially happy about because Jamaican Street Style is now getting rid of silly notions and boundaries in fashion and are now more open to wearing colours, textures, fabrics and accessories that would be normally be seen as “off limits”. This has also influenced the Health, Food and Beauty Lifestyle choices by Jamaican men today. More men are now focusing on maintaining that great physique and also eating habits that makes him more attractive and comfortable.


Brand: RepJA collab with Ding Dong

Men’s Fashion is now taking over worldwide. The buying choices of men, who in most cases have women buy for them, is now buying on his own. With the internet being the wide range of opportunity that it is today, the access to street wear gears are enormous. There are new street brands popping up within Jamaica and also the Caribbean, let’s check out a few before we go why not?

Brand: RepJA collab with Popcaan


Brand: Boasty Bags

Brand: Boasty Bags

We see that Men’s Street Fashion & Style are more present today than before. You can go check out these brands, to name a few. Of course I will be featuring more men’s street brands within Jamaica and also Jamaicans abroad who are also making their own mark on the Fashion & Lifestyle industry.

Skincare & Beauty

Skin is always in when it comes to Men’s style and lifestyle considerations. We are from “the island in the sun” literally sometimes. Even though it’s wonderful to live a carefree life, it is very necessary to live a carefree life with beautiful skin, and this goes for men as well. Beauty is not just for women. Our culture is very natural products oriented, so it is not that hard to either make your own or just pick up from the local health and beauty store. Earth Elements is a wonderful example of stores that will allow you a variety of choices for your beauty and skincare needs. Having a simple morning routine before you go to work, or even at nights before bed. Olive oil does wonders to the skin naturally, just try it, you don’t have to take my word for it.

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