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Top 20 Indie Genius Gems of 2017 by DJ Stamma

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This year has been a real one good for music in Jamaica with a lot of Gems dropping on Soundcloud from a variety of Producers and Artistes. So i felt like dropping a Top 20

All the tracks featured are on Soundcloud (Where the real Gems are) & by Jamaicans.

20. Less than a month ago Dropped a track alongside called ‘Simma” & yo jus know this song gonna come shake up 2018. This song speak about the ex who switches up and changes her standard from the simple to ute to Mr Simma with di Bimma

19. From Alpine Compound did a small compilation Called Locker// Season 1 My personal Favourite is Locker III. This is a new vibe on one foundation ska track courtesy of The Wailers called ‘Simmer Down”

18. This Gem courtesy of & takes a pop/folk music approach as they speak about maintaining a relationship with their women while always beinG away. Definatly sumpn the Bae dem can vibes to 

17. Most of who know me knows that JLL is one of my favourite Producers from Jamaica. This dude is super versatile and his style is cool & collected like his personality. The first Gem from JLL is a remix of Bad & Boujee By  

16. has been having a great year with all the shows she did and the release of two sinGles that has been Getting Great traction locally and overseas. One of these singles by the Name Gotti Gotti features a sample of Black Uhuru ‘Sponji Reggae” 

15. About 2 years back @janemacgizmo Dropped “Babylon” and its been doinG Great (One of my personal favs to play) she recently dropped a SinGle called “Too Late” which has a pop-dancehall vibes as she wonders if it’s too late to reignite an old flame 

14. Yo if unno dont Know ya’ll need to get familiar soon. Earlier this year She dropped the perfect soundtrack for the Bae dem to free up dem waistline Called “Hinges” be sure to look for the Vid on youtube (It Sick !) 

13. You have a bredda by the name of Doing Yard Trap and bruh everything the man does is straight flames from his song to beat selection along with the fact that his music videos are just straight flames. This is one of my favs 

12. Now you Got some utes from the who made some biG moves with year with their releases along with a RAM & Slapweh First StaginG of Compound live. This track produced by features vocals from & Kione 

11. Earlier this year I heard this soulful track courtesy of Called “Cycles” that got me in my feels for weeks. Yo This chick right here super talented and I can’t wait to hear more from her 

10. Earlier I spoke about how Awesome JLL is as a producer now we have a next banGa produced by the young G with Jamaican native Called “Navajo”. Sumpn for the brokenhearted. 

9. Now you got this young producer/artiste by the name of That gonna be shaking up 2018 with his release whether its his own tracks or other singles that he produced. You see “Zoom” by Io is one of my favs for the year 

8. You have a neGus by the name of dat gonna be shaking up Reggae Music in 2018. He recently dropped the produced track ‘Lightening Storm” and its straight FLAMES bruv !!! 

7. This track by Called Vibes i ii, Features samples from and just like the song title it full of vibes with some positive message for the bae dem. Produced by &  

6. This collab is one of the essential tracks of 2017 and beyond. “Skintoned” by & sheds light on systematic racism and places emphasis on Black with lines like “Mi Black Mi proud Mi Shout it out Loud” Gem produced By JLL 

5. So my brother alongside Dropped an EP called “Sing with God” which is filled Flames esp fi the Bae dem. One of Favs from this project is Called “Blu Mahoe”

4. & drop a BLOODCLAT track this year called “Meanwhile” and yo i swear people dem never ready for it. This track has a new age trap vibe and has Leno & Blu dropping Bars while throwing shade all those who dislike their Inner G

3. Now the BLXXDCLAT man of the Year dropped an essential track of 2017 & beyond which give a straight forward point of view of the level of corruption that takes place in Jamaica. This song is relatable favourite among all ages in Jamaica

2. Closed off the year with a banGa for the BAE dem with “My GF”. Runkus Speaks about his Girlfriend and seeks to Unteach the negative stigma of Wining/Daggering as its roots can be traced to african dances and traditions. A Carnival 2018 vibes

1. The Song of 2017 is the “Caribtronic/New Age Dancehall” banGa “Pine & Ginger” From & . Since its release earlier this year its been getting crazy forward all over and I’m sure it gonna do some damage in 2018

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